Who We Are

Talking about religion is almost taboo these days, and it seems as if the only people who discuss faith are the ones trying to make converts for their brand of believing.  But people are still curious about life and spirituality. 


At La Présence - Qi, we offer authentic ways to talk about issues of deeper meaning and value.

We listen and talk without having all the answers. We share the mystery but drop the dogma. And we  help create deeper connections between people. Because we believe that spirituality is part of the fabric of healthy communities.


La Présence - Qi offers

•Practices to experience spirit in the midst of life, including meditation, yoga, prayer, and artistic expression 

•Listening without judgment in one-on-one conversation and in small groups

Field placement for students in theology and religious studies to develop their leadership

Research on spirituality in the context of social innovation and  sustainability

•Opportunities to connect people across a wide diversity of spiritual perspectives and beliefs.


La Présence - Qi  is an initiative of the United Theological College, a college of The United Church of Canada that educates ministry leaders.  

Affiliated with McGill University and working at the heart of the Quartier de l’innovation, we seek to better understand and live out the spiritual journey in our community and our world. (More about our partners and sponsors)

Meet The Team
Meet the team . . .